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Food Management will pick the best of these heroes and honor them in our July/August issue, as well as online.

Food Management is looking for Foodservice Heroes in onsite food service programs

Do you have a member of your foodservice staff who has performed beyond the call of duty during the coronavirus crisis? Nominate him or her to be a Foodservice Hero to be featured in Food Management magazine.

We know there have been many unsung and under-the-radar actions by members of the onsite foodservice community that go beyond the call of their stated duties to serve customers, communities and fellow workers, and Food Management wants to hear about them. We especially want to hear about ground-level, frontline individuals who are the face of our industry to most customers and who have gone to extraordinary lengths during this crisis.

Food Management will pick the best of these heroes and honor them in our July/August issue, as well as online.

To nominate an individual as a Foodservice Hero, please submit the following…

•The name and title of the individual as well as a brief summary of their normal duties. You can also include other details such as how long they’ve worked in your department and even relevant personal circumstances that amplify how much they went out of their way in this crisis (for example, the person doesn’t have a car but still showed up when needed, or they made personal financial sacrifices to help out a customer or member of the community…).

•The reason they are being nominated. Give at least two specific examples of things they did that demonstrated extra dedication during the coronavirus crisis.

•The impact the person’s actions have had on the other people in your department, and on those you serve. If what they did helped your department serve more meals or reach more people, provide some numbers to support that.

•A photo of the individual. This can be a simple head shot portrait, but we’d prefer one that shows the person “in action” performing their duties.

The deadline for receiving nominations is May 25. Nominations with accompanying photos (as well as any questions about the nominating process) should be sent to [email protected].

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