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Foodservice Heroes who keep stepping up

Here are 22 foodservice heroes we’ve chosen to highlight from among the hundreds nominated by their organizations as exemplifying the best of the onsite dining community.

For the past four years, we’ve asked readers to submit nominations of individuals they felt deserved recognition as “foodservice heroes,” individuals who went beyond the call of duty in these challenging times. This year, we got over 600, by far the most ever.

Listed here are 22 nominations from different market segments and both self-op and contracted operations that we’ve chosen to represent not just the hundreds of other nominees but the thousands of others out there doing the job of making sure their customers receive quality dining services. The job titles represented here range from directors and managers to line and kitchen staff, all with one thing in common: their dedication to their work and the individuals who depend on them. 

As these constitute but a small fraction of the total number of nominations we received, over the coming weeks we will publish galleries featuring others by market and/or job category, excepting those from operations outside FM’s coverage, self-nominations and those for which a usable photo could not be secured.

Meanwhile, here are profiles of our 22 top Foodservice Heroes, listed in alphabetical order by last name, with the name and affiliation of the individual as well as of the person(s) who nominated them, plus a lightly edited version of the nomination text explaining why the person is a foodservice hero.

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