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"Honor System" After-hours Coffee Debuts at Dartmouth

Students getting coffee at the Danforth Student Center will be trusted to make payment without monitoring.

Dartmouth College has introduced an after-hours "honor system" coffee dispenser in the center of it's Danforth University Center Servery and Cafe Bergson dining venue, reports the Student Life campus paper. Open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturdays, it allow students to dispense coffee into a provided cup or their own reusable one and then make the $1.50 payment using either the Bear Bucks or meal points option on their student ID card. The idea came from the DUC student advisory board and was bolstered by research that showed that 78 to 96 percent of people who make purchases at honor-based outlets like farmers markets and street vendors actually pay.

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