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Jamba Juices Smoothie Sales at WUSL Retail Outlet

Washington University in St. Louis switches out existing smoothie station for a branded a Jamba Juice outlet.

Washington University in St. Louis is trying to put more juice in its Cafe Bergson operation by switching out its existing fresh fruit and yogurt smoothie station in favor of a branded a Jamba Juice smoothie station, reports the Student Life campus paper. The switch, effected on Sunday, January 12th, resulted in escalating sales of smoothies as the total exceeded 600 on Monday the 13th and went over a thousand the following day.

Priced the same as the smoothies from the previous concept ($4.85), the frozen fruit/vanilla yogurt treats are now available through a new ordering system that allows customers to sit down and wait to be called instead of congregating around the station, reducing bottlenecks and increasing convenience.

Cafe Bergson is a retail outlet that also sells coffees and teas, hot breakfast sandwiches, house-made pastries, desserts/treats and grab-n-go meals during the day. It is located on the first floor of the school's Danforth University Center, which also has a full dining hall (Dains) and Ibby's, a bistro concept specializing in dishes made with sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. The Danforth Center houses a number of university offices and serves as a major campus community gathering place.

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