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Johnny Rockets looks to up college presence with Express concept

Johnny Rockets looks to up college presence with Express concept

Adaptation is flexible enough to range from 150 to 1,100 square feet to accommodate different venue restrictions and requirements.

The Johnny Rockets diner themed chain has announced plans for further expansion into the college and university market through its Express prototype, which offers flexible floor plans ranging from a 150 square foot free-standing kiosk to a 1,100 square foot restaurant. The move is designed to further the concept’s penetration of non-traditional venues such as airports, malls and other entertainment destinations, as well as colleges.

Featuring an optimized menu that reflects every daypart, a dedicated grab-and-go counter and localized decor, Johnny Rockets Express is designed to accommodate campus location requirements. The chain currently operates three campus restaurants, at Oklahoma State University, Stetson University and Richard Stockton College but also has nearly 45 units across the country that are within a five mile radius of campus locations, giving it presence with the college student demographic.

"Johnny Rockets' premium burgers, sandwiches and shakes have an all-ages appeal, however, we have seen an increased interest from millennials, particularly college and university students making dining decisions for the first time," said James Walker, president of operations and franchise development, in announcing the initiative. "To meet this growing consumer demand, we are targeting more campuses with our new Johnny Rockets Express prototype as a foodservice option for students and faculty. The menu options and flexible footprint ideally fit these venues."

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