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Levy Announces Advanced Analytics Subsidiary

E15 will extend F&B specialist into front-office areas like pricing, corporate partnerships and even player asset management for sports teams.

Levy Restaurants has announced the launch of E15, a subsidiary that provides advanced analytics services to sports, entertainment, hospitality and retail organizations. E15 is designed to extend Levy’s capabilities beyond its core food and beverage operations into advanced intelligence that optimizes user experiences and financial performance in sports and entertainment venues, operations and teams beyond Levy's traditional retail and hospitality clients.

Having successfully used advanced analytics to improve food and beverage performance for sports and entertainment partners, E15 will extend the company’s strategy to teams’ front-office capabilities to help fill seats, optimize pricing, profile fan bases, identify new potential corporate partnerships and improve the fan experience. E15 has also been engaged by current Levy partners to support draft selection and player asset management, helping teams improve their performance on the field. In addition, because of the increasingly important role of technology in capturing data for advanced intelligence, E15 works with partners’ technology teams to asses and effectively deploy emerging technologies.

“Our vision has always been to go beyond the basics of analytical reporting dashboards and focus our efforts on truly driving qualitative and quantitative results for partners,” says President/CEO Andy Lansing. “The real value in analytics is optimizing forward-looking decisions that go beyond what happened in the business yesterday or last season. Doing that well requires collaboration, analytics talent and a variety of expertise typically unavailable in-house, full-time.”

Headquartered in Chicago with analysts in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles, E15 is led by CEO Jaime Faulkner, who has 15 years of consulting experience with KPMG and Arthur Andersen that includes developing analytics services that are used by some of the largest organizations in the world. In addition, she spent many years consulting for professional sports teams helping them improve their strategic and operational decision-making ability by leveraging advanced analytics. Faulkner leads a team of top industry talent from the fields of economics, mathematics, statistics, accounting and finance, psychology and behavioral science, and computer science. E15 will continue to work with Levy Restaurants’ current partners, as well as clients in sports and entertainment, hospitality, retail and other industries.

“The more we worked with Jaime and her team, the more we realized they could provide valuable insights that complemented our current analytics team,” says Charlie Mierswa, executive vice president of business operations and CFO of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center. “E15 can help us expand our current analytics capabilities and share leading practices with us. It essentially has become an extension of our front-office team, providing deep thinking that helps bring the best products to our fans.”

“Everyone knows analytics is important," Faulkner says. "But figuring out how to solve problems without reinventing the wheel, having the bandwidth, resources and the skill sets you need, when you need them, is a challenge we see many of our partners and clients face. E15 brings the breadth of talent and depth of thinking required to meet the goals of next generation business organizations and thinkers.”

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