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Metz Commits to "Farm Promise" Pork Program

ll pork products bearing the Farm Promise seal come from healthy pigs, raised since birth in a caring, comfortable, low-stress community.

Metz Culinary Management says it has become the first food service management company to support Clemens Food Group's Farm Promise program, a three-part, USDA Process Verified initiative that allows Metz to guarantee that all pork products bearing the Farm Promise seal come from "healthy pigs, raised since birth in a caring, comfortable, low-stress community."

"Metz Culinary Management wants our clients and guests to know that our purchasing decisions are driven by bettering the health and welfare of animals and the environment," says Craig Phillips, vice president of purchasing. "We've always prided ourselves on being an industry leader in this area and the Farm Promise program is the most recent example."

Metz says it is committed to replacing as much of its pork supply as possible with Clemens Food Group product bearing the Farm Promise seal. The company has already converted 25,000 lbs. of pork supply to the new Farm Promise product line and will continue to purchase from the Clemens Food Group product line as it becomes available.

The Farm Promise verified program consists of a three-step verification process, ensuring Free to Roam crate-free communities, Source Assured traceable product back to farm and PQA+ Certified Standard of Care.

Free to Roam guarantees that pork product with the Farm Promise seal of approval comes from hogs housed in groups where they are free to roam during the gestation period.

All Farm Promise pork products are Source Assured, which means the product can be traced back to the farm where it was raised and the PQA+ Certified Standard of Care verifies that Farm Promise animals are raised with humane care, optimized diets and customized nutrition to ensure the highest quality of life and live in a protected, safe environment at every stage of their life.

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