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Mission Health Boosts Patient Satisfaction Despite Budget Cuts

"Getting rid of the green Jell-O" has driven "woulkd recommend" scores to 83%, 12% above the national average.

Mission Health System in Asheville, NC, has boosted patient satisfaction scores to 83 percent recommending thanks in part to a conscious effort to "get rid of the green Jell-O, reports the Asheville Citizen-Times. The score, 12 percent over the national average and 13 percent over the state average, has been achieved despite budget pressures that have forced the institution to cut overall costs by $46 million this year under a reorganization plan. Mission Health Systems has a food budget of $5 million, encompassing patient and retail dining as well as catering. It serves approximately 600,000 inpatient meals annually, with an average cost per inpatient tray of $1.89.

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