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NC State Holds All Carolinas Dinner Event

NC State Holds All Carolinas Dinner Event

Annual special meal emphasizes products from producers across the region.

North Carolina State University held its annual All Carolinas meal on September 3rd, featuring dishes emphasizing ingredients from local producers and NC State graduates who are in the food business. Held at the three main campus dining halls, the event attracted nearly 4,100 students.

Among the local items featured was grass fed beef from Harris Robinette Farm, which sent representatives who cooked four steers all day on outdoor grills, and local jellies purchased from the school's own Farmers Market. In addition, the Dept. of Food Science smoked 700 pounds of North Carolina barbecue for the event.

Additional labor was provided by NC State Dining, which simply moved operations outside from the dining halls where it would have been utilized under normal conditions.

The three dining halls each featured somewhat different menus to provide variety and accommodate different producers' products. Here are the menus for each…

Fountain DC: Watermelon from Fresh Pik Produce; Steer picking with sauces from Harris Robinette Farms; Howling Cow Ice Cream Station with Build Your Own Peach Shortcake; Broccoli Grape Salad; Black Eyed Pea Salad; Fried Cornmeal Catfish from Carolina Classics Catfish; Smoked BBQ from Smithfield BBQ; Roasted Garden Vegetables; Hush Puppies with honey butter and black berry butter from House of Autry; Baked Green Tomatoes with Goat Cheese (vegetarian) from Goat Lady Dairy; NC Sweet Potato Chili over Couscous (vegan); and Pickled Vegetables Tray.

Clark DC: Pork BBQ; Sweet Potatoes; Great Smokey Turkey Breast; BBQ Tofu; Krispy Cream Doughnuts; Honey Cornbread; Carolina Caviar; Carrots; Cabbage and Apples; Biscuit Bar with Local Jellies; Shrimp and Grits; Vegetable Ravioli; Build Your Own Peach Shortcake; Vanilla Hand Dipped Howling Cow Ice Cream; Turnip Greens; Brunswick Stew.

Case DC: Carved Local Ham; Local Beef Burgers; Pulled Pork Sandwiches; NC BBQ Sauce; Tomato Based BBQ Sauce; North Carolina Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya; Fresh Russet and Sweet Potato Fries; Roasted Local Vegetable Wraps; Pear Goat Cheese and Balsamic Pizza; Grilled Local Chicken Breast; Heirloom Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Salad; Local Green Salad; Whole Grain Salad with Smoked Apples with Pear Vinaigrette; Local Bolognese Pasta; Local Pasta Primavera; Sweet Potato Bisque; Local Cheese Display; Peach Cobbler; Howling Cow Ice Cream.

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