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Some of the more than 20 fresh veggie options students can choose for their stir fry at OSU39s Hard Wok Grill
<p>Some of the more than 20 fresh veggie options students can choose for their stir fry at OSU&#39;s Hard Wok Grill.</p>

Oklahoma State Concepts Honored for Being "Healthy"

Which Wich and the internally developed Hard Wok Grill receive Certified Healthy Restaurant designations from the Oklahoma State Dept. of Health.

Two dining outlets at Oklahoma State University have been awarded Certified Healthy Restaurant designations by the Oklahoma State Department of Health for providing healthy options and tobacco free environments for customers and employees. The certifications went to Which Wich, a unit of a commercial customized gourmet sandwich concept located in the Kerr-Drummond residence hall, and the Hard Wok Grill in the Adams Market dining facility.

Hard Wok is an internally developed concept specializing in made-to-order stir-frys with more than 20 fresh vegetable and four protein choices, including tofu and shrimp, plus four house-made sauces over brown or steamed rice. Students choose the rice, protein, spice level, sauce and as many fresh vegetables as they can fit in their bowl before handing it over to the cooks to be prepared on a round Mongolian barbecue grill.

At Which Wich, orders are taken on numbered paper bags on which check off their specific selections, then hand the bag to the cashier and retrieve their food when it’s ready. In addition to its sandwich menu, the chain offers bread-less options such as the Bowl Wich and the Lettuce Wich in addition to its "Skinny," vegan, and vegetarian options.

“It’s a milestone toward our goal of becoming ‘America’s Healthiest Campus,’” says Terry Baker, director of University Dining Services at OSU. “We’ve made major strides to provide healthy alternatives along with informative resources to our students to let them know healthier options are available. State recognition for our efforts is a great reward.”

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