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Outdoor Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Stand Debuts at UNC

Outdoor Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Stand Debuts at UNC

Branded kiosk operation is owned by local fanchise owner and serves as test for potential similar outlets in the future.

A new Ben and Jerry’s branded ice cream stand debuted March 16th (the first day back from spring break) outside of Lenoir Dining Hall on the Chapel Hill campus of the University of North Carolina (UNC), reports the Daily Tar Heel campus paper. The stand is an extension of a branded Ben and Jerry's store in Chapel Hill that is owned by a UNC alum and represents the first time Carolina Dining Services has installed a long-term food kiosk on campus.

The operator pays a 20 percent commission on sales instead of rent and serves as a test of how successful food kiosks could be at UNC. The stand is scheduled to stay open until May 8, when a determination will be to to extend the contract and perhaps even bring more food carts to campus.

UNC Dining is managed by Aramark.

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