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SDSU looks to spread dining facility fee base

SDSU looks to spread dining facility fee base

Proposal would expand those subject to paying a fee to all students, not just meal plan holders.

South Dakota State University (SDSU) is asking the state’s Board of Regents to change the fee structure that pays for utilities and bonding costs for student food service facilities, reports the Daily Republic. Currently, SDSU is one of four public universities in South Dakota to charge a fee—$188.90 per semester—only to those students who purchase meal plans.

The proposed change, which initially would only affect SDSU, the state’s largest campus, would spread the fee across the entire student body, at $177 per full-time undergraduate and $141.60 per each full-time graduate student who are not on meal plans.

Preliminary approval was voted at a Regents meeting on October 8 with a final vote scheduled for some time in December.

SDSU officials hope to get the change implemented for the spring 2016 semester.

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