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Starbucks Mobile Trucks to Debut on Three Campuses This Fall

Starbucks Mobile Trucks to Debut on Three Campuses This Fall

Initial rollout of four-wheel coffeehouses to be at Arizona State, James Madison and Coastal Carolina.

Starbucks plans to launch a pilot mobile truck service on three college campuses this fall, with a menu of drinks and food nearly identical to what customers would find in fixed location Starbucks stores. The initial locations will be at Arizona State University, James Madison University and Coastal Carolina University.

“People are surprised to see it, and then they’re excited,” says Ike Van Skike, district manager for Starbucks licensed stores. “ASU faculty and staff tell me this is great for them because it’s an area of the campus that doesn’t have a lot of food service.”

The Starbucks mobile truck can move to various locations on campus throughout the day. Hours will vary from campus to campus, with the trucks adjusting to each school's needs, which in some cases will mean staying open later than a dining hall.

The mobile truck at Arizona State, which complements Starbucks cafes currently located across campus, is a licensed store operated through ASU's campus dining services provider Aramark.

“Between classes, homework, extracurricular activities, jobs, and socializing with friends, today’s students truly embody the on-the-go lifestyle,” says Cathy Schlosberg, Vice President of Marketing for Aramark Education. “We believe the Starbucks mobile truck is a perfect opportunity to increase the convenience of our offerings and help meet our student body wherever they are in their busy days."

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