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Two Wisconsin Schools Plan to Leave School Lunch Program

Waterford Graded and High Schools will continue to serve low-income students while cutting cost of complying with federal mandates.

The Waterford (WI) Graded and High School Districts will leave the National School Lunch Program in the 2014-15 school year following the votes of their respective school boards, reports the Journal Times. The Graded District, with a 19% free/reduced rate, and the High School District, with a 14% free/reduced rate, both say they will cover the costs of feeding their low-income students, making up for the loss of federal subsidies through savings on the purchase of fruits and vegetables that are mandated to be served but often end up in the trash, and on increased revenues from selling foods that would not be allowed if the districts were in the NSLP. Both insist that they will not be serving less healthful meals but only those that have more appeal to their student customers.

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