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The Blue Wall is just the latest major addition to the Princeton Reviewtopping dining program at UMass
<p>The Blue Wall is just the latest major addition to the Princeton Review-topping dining program at UMass.</p>

UMass tops 2016 Princeton Review Best Campus Food listing

The school replaces Bowdoin at the top of the list after placing second the last two years.

The dining program at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst ranked No. 1 in the latest edition of the prestigious Princeton Review Best Campus Food list. UMass had placed second in the past two years, topped by Bowdoin College last year and Virginia Tech in 2014. Bowdoin fell to second in this year’s listing while Virginia Tech was fourth. Cornell University rose from No. 7 in 2015 to third this year.

Rounding out the Top 10 in the 2016 listing were St. Olaf College (5), College of the Atlantic (6), James Madison University (7), Saint Anselm College (8), Washington University in St. Louis (9) and Bryn Mawr College (10). The same 10 schools constituted the 2015 Princeton Review Best Campus Food top 10 as well, except in a different order.

UMass has been busy upgrading its residential dining centers over the past decade. Most recently it unveiled the completely renovated and transformed the Blue Wall retail dining complex in 2014, which won an FM Best Concept Award for Best Renovation last year.

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