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Vanderbilt Chef Brian Hancock prepares a dish for guests at the recent Blanc quotpop upquot fine dining event
<p>Vanderbilt Chef Brian Hancock prepares a dish for guests at the recent Blanc &quot;pop up&quot; fine dining event.</p>

Vanderbilt's "Blanc" dinner event a full-course gourmet experience

Special event meal featured students dressing for dinner, enjoying fine dining experience.

Vanderbilt University Dining held a special “Blanc” pop-up fine dining event for around 130 students who signed up on a first come/first served basis on October 19. The event was buzzed out through social media hints and RSVPs were taken online only through Facebook and Twitter.

Those coming to the meal were asked to dress up and when they got there, they were treated to a special four-course dinner that included a sweet plantain and raisin soup spiced with saffron; potato and leek pancake; grilled octopus with Chorizo, hearty greens (kale and mustard greens flavored with olive oil, garlic, shallots, salt and pepper) and Tangerine Gastrique (honey, sherry vinegar, tangerine puree); and for dessert a mini pumpkin filled with flame-torched creme brûlée. A bar served a special non-alcoholic drink made with a white grape juice base.

The dinner event was held in a specially decorated space between the Student Life Center and Studio Arts buildings.

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