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Menu Madness
Vote for 2016 Menu Madness

Vote for 2016 Menu Madness

We're down to two in FM's 2016 Menu Madness.

Texas A&M wins the 2016 Menu Madness competition.


Get ready for March Madness, food style. The matchups here are played out on the food court, not the basketball court. Our selection committee has chosen this field of 16 schools to participate in Menu Madness. Each week we’ll narrow the field until we crown the ultimate college food champion. Can Villanova repeat or will a Cinderella take it home?


Here’s how it works. Our bracket is made up of the top four seeds in each of the NCAA men’s basketball regions. There will be four rounds of voting to determine the winner. The school that gets the most votes in each round will move on, so make sure you get your student base involved. For the competition, each school put up its all-star player—a best-seller, student-favorite or innovative dish.

To get started, check out the all-star menu items and choose your favorite in each matchup.




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