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Wulforst Chosen as SHFM's Hennessy Traveler

Assignment requires travel to evaluate U.S. Armed Forces dining operations the world over.

Jim Wulforst has been nominated as the 2015 Hennessy/Military Traveler for the Society for Hospitality & Foodservice Management (SHFM), carrying on a tradition of support and encouragement of foodservice hospitality personnel in the U.S. Armed Forces by SHFM. Wulforst's travels will begin in early February, and SHFM says it will document his journey.

The Hennessy/Military Traveler Program was created to promote educational opportunities for members of the U.S. Armed Forces serving in hospitality assignments by forging a partnership with civilian foodservice organizations like SHFM. It provides encouragement and support for those members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have an interest in pursuing career opportunities in foodservice hospitality upon their departure from military service.

Only one Hennessy/Military Traveler is chosen each year to evaluate foodservice and hospitality at U.S. bases around the world. Specific evaluations are provided on customer service, overall management, command support of foodservice operations and the general attitude of the base to excel by providing outstanding onsite hospitality.

Due to challenges surrounding defense spending, the SHFM Foundation once again has taken on the Hennessy/Military Traveler program as one of its initiatives and continues to broaden its educational role with the program, allowing it to continue and industry contributors to receive a tax deduction in the process of helping this important program.

Those wishing to support the Hennessy/Military Traveler program can do so here.

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