5 easy, delicious ways to crush food waste

You’ve heard all about root-to-stem eating. You’ve made carrot top pesto, you’ve pickled watermelon rinds…now what? Here are some cool ideas for mushroom stems, pineapple cores, tomato scraps, beet peels and more from a chef with the drive to wipe out food waste.

Mike Thibault, executive chef with Guckenheimer at athenahealth’s Nourish café in Watertown, Mass., like many chefs in the onsite foodservice industry, got his start in fine dining. The experience helped Thibault sharpen his skills (he’s just recently received a prestigious Distinguished Visiting Chef invitation from his alma mater, Johnson & Wales) but one common thread in restaurants Thibault picked up on was food waste. Specifically, how much of it he saw going on.

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