SUNYapplesPromo.jpg Photos: SUNY Cortland Auxiliary Services Corp.
Displays touted the nutritional benefits of apples.

SUNY Cortland celebrates locally grown apples

The annual Campus Crunch Day event brought free apples and apple-heavy foods and beverages to the campus to highlight the fruit’s benefits while supporting New York growers.

The state of New York produces nearly 30 million apples each year, making it the second largest supplier of the fruit in the country. To celebrate that status, support local growers and highlight the many health benefits of the product, the State University of New York at Cortland (SUNY Cortland) held its annual Apple Crunch Day Oct. 24.

Activities included the serving of fresh hot cider, complimentary apples and warm apple crisp In the Newmark Pavilion across from the campus library during lunchtime from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

“The word quickly spread across campus and everyone came out,” offers Terry Baker, director of foodservices for the SUNY Cortland Auxiliary Services Corp. “I am still hearing the buzz. At all the events, we also promoted the health benefits of fresh fruits, especially apples, and had a raffle gift basket with different apple products and items.”

Fresh hot apple cider was one of the free apple-based foods and beverages available on campus during Apple Crunch Day.

In addition to the Newmark Pavilion giveaway, both dining halls, Neubig and Bistro, featured special apple menu items such as apple pie pizza, Waldorf salad, apple pico, apple stuffing, apple grilled cheese sandwiches and apple slices dipped in chocolate or caramel with a variety of toppings.

A sauté station in the Neubig Dining Hall lobby served fresh apples and cinnamon topped with whipped cream.

“It was amazing to see all that you can do with apples,” Baker says. “One of our executive chefs did a sauté station in our Neubig lobby of fresh apples and cinnamon topped with whipped cream,” she adds. “Delicious! In addition, at Hilltop, our main retail dining operation, we offered complimentary hot cider from Red Jacket Farms and all kinds of varieties of local apples.”

The New York Campus Crunch is an annual event celebrating the state’s apple growers and to emphasize the flavor, nutritional benefits and menu versatility of the fruit.

“It was a fabulous Campus Crunch event and well received by the entire college community this past Tuesday,” Baker summarizes. “As part of the Apple Crunch Day, we made a strong effort to support the local apple farms and orchards around the area. Apple Crunch Day is about raising the awareness of eating better for our health and the environment, sustainability and supporting the local farmers. It is all across New York.”

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