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2006 IFMA Silver Plate Awards

The strengths that characterize each year's IFMA Silver Plate winners inevitably vary. What they always have in common are reputations as standard bearers for their segments and careers that demonstrate commitment to their customers, institutions and communities. In this special feature section you'll meet...

Ted Mayer, who has transformed the foodservice operations of Harvard University Dining Services over the past decade, maintaining the school's centuries-old traditions while introducing highly efficient systems, contemporary menus and an entrepreneurial operatong culture.
Beverly Girard, whose turn-it-around track record at Sarasota County Public Schools has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a champion of child nutrition, a model of financial integrity and a proponent of professional development...
Ron Ehrhardt, a leader in corporate dining who has put an indelible mark not only on the foodservice programs of Prudential Financial but also on the vision of his professional ssociation and the values of his own community...
Sister Alice Marie Quinn, a tireless advocate on behalf of the homeless, the aged and the needed of Los Angeles, who has provided them with meals, nutrition and emotional support while inspiring a new generation of service volunteers...
and Ron Rech, an unassuming healthcare foodservice director whose operational experience in the segment began when he was still a teenager and has led to a career in which he's become a master of retail dining and patient service.

Ted Mayer: Harvard University Dining Services
Beverly Girard: Sarasota County Public Schools
Ronald Ehrhardt: Prudential Financial
Sister Alice Marie Quinn: St. Vincent Sr. Citizen Nutrition Program, Inc.
Ron Rech: Resurrection Medical Center/Holy Family Medical Center

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