Best Management Company Concept: In the Zone
Best Menu: Ironsides Waffles food truck, Tulane University/Sodexo
Best Customer Services Concept: Kiosk carts add convenience to lunch at Hilton Head High
Kitchen staff mass assemble the meal containers Longterm kitchen labor requirements have remained steady with meals per labor hour inching up from 20 to 22 between 2014 and 2015
FFA students were on hand to display their handiwork to peers
Best Convenience Retailing Concept: Kiosk program at Hilton Head High School
Pies on display at the pizza station at Shorenstein Cafeacute
Griddle Me This features a freshbaked waffle toped with eggs cheddar cheese and in this pictured version applewood bacon
Best Customer Service Concept: SMART Lunch at Dickinson (Texas) High School
An abundance of natural light increased transparency and custom LED lighting improves the overall ambiance and allows for flexible seating quiet study and lounge spaces and a more engaging connection to the outdoors