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Baja Fish Salad with Alaska Pollock

Baja Fish Salad with Alaska Pollock

A taste of West Coast-cool, developed for grades 6-12 in a partnership between the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and Sodexo.

YIELD: 1 serving

9-11 tortilla chips
4 5/8 oz. salad mix
½ oz. spinach
¼ cup cabbage, shredded
1 Tbsp. carrots, shredded
1 Tbsp. red peppers, diced ½”
1 Tbsp. green peppers, diced ½”
2 Tbsps. corn, IQF, thawed
2 Tbsps. black beans, drained
3 (1 oz.) breaded, once-frozen pollock sticks, cooked
2 oz. chipotle ranch dressing

1.    Start with layer of 9-11 tortilla chips. Add combination of 2 cups of salad mix and spinach.
2.    Add shredded cabbage and carrots, then red and green peppers. Add corn and black beans.
3.    Top with 3 breaded fish sticks and serve with 2 oz. chipotle-ranch dressing.

Recipe: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute/Sodexo

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