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Thai Chili Garlic Walnut Whole Grain Noodle Salad

Thai Chili Garlic Walnut Whole Grain Noodle Salad

This noodle bowl salad, developed by California Walnuts, is trendy, fun and portable too.

YIELD: 100 servings

7 lbs. + 13 oz. chicken strips (USDA, unseasoned, precooked)
6 gallons + 1 qt. spaghetti (USDA, whole grain, cooked)
1 lb. cilantro, fresh
15 lbs. green onions, fresh
10 lbs. + 8 oz. red bell peppers
2 qts. + ½ cup lemon juice, reconstituted
1 qt. soy sauce, lower sodium
2 cups prepared Thai chili and garlic sauce
6 lbs. + 4 oz. walnuts

1.    Pull chicken from freezer. Place unopened pouches on sheet pan in single layer. Place in cooler overnight to thaw. Once thawed, cut into bite-size dice.
2.    Cook whole-grain spaghetti according to package instructions and drain well. Set aside in storage container. (Can be done the day before.)
3.    Pull cilantro leaves from stems and set aside. Chop green onion bulbs and red bell peppers and set aside.
4.    Add lemon juice, soy sauce and Thai chili sauce to spaghetti. Toss to mix well.
5.    To serve: Using 2-oz. spoodle, add ¼ cup chopped green onions to top left corner of container; ¼ cup bell pepper to bottom right; 1 oz. walnuts in top right and 1 oz. chicken in bottom left. Sprinkle bowl using 2 oz. spoodle of cilantro.

Recipe: California Walnuts

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