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'I Have Lost Money the Past Two Years'

'I Have Lost Money the Past Two Years'

We were inundated with letters responding to Eric Stoessel’s editorial last month asking school foodservice directors for their opinions on the increasingly public and political debate between the USDA and SNA on the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. He wondered what the people in the trenches really thought about the tougher requirements coming this year.

I think all of the foodservice directors I know want to feed their students nutritious meals. But money is a big issue. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables cost more.

Good nutrition starts at home. I wish Mrs. Obama would have developed a program to teach parents better nutrition. Poor people cannot afford whole wheat bread. White bread is cheaper. Fruits and vegetables are expensive. Boxed macaroni and cheese is cheap. How much sodium is in that?

My nutrition program is supposed to break even. I have lost money the past two years. How do I explain that to my school board? I will do the best I can this year, but if I lose money again I will be looking for a new job. The regulations are too strict. My lunches have gone down 3% for the past two years.

Kids learn their food habits at home. Parents still feed the kids more meals than I do in a year. School meals did not cause childhood obesity. Watching too much TV and playing too many video games and fast food caused childhood obesity. I have done this job for 28 years. This is probably my last.

Anna Donato
Food Service Director
Lampeter, PA

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