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Crispy Orange Chicken Wrap

Crispy Orange Chicken Wrap


24 prepared chicken breast tenderloin fritters
For Spicy Orange Sauce:

1½ cups prepared sweet chili sauce
1½ cups orange marmalade
2 tsps. hot sauce

For Asian Slaw:

18 oz. shredded cabbage slaw blend, fresh
6 oz. tri-color bell peppers, fresh, julienne-cut
6 oz. red onion, fresh, julienne-cut
1½ cups prepared Asian sesame ginger dressing

For Assembly:

12 10" white flour tortillas

1. Deep fry chicken tenderloins at 350°F for 3 to 5 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165°F for 15 seconds. Keep warm above 140°F.

2. Combine chili sauce, marmalade and hot sauce in saucepan; heat over low heat for 2 to 3 minutes or until fully blended. Keep warm.

3. Combine slaw blend, peppers, onion and sesame dressing in large bowl. Toss to blend. Cover and chill to hold.

4. To assemble single serving: Place 1 flour tortilla on flat work surface. Arrange 4 oz. slaw across center of wrap. Combine 2 tenderloins and 2 Tbsps. orange sauce in bowl and toss to coat. Layer glazed tenderloins over slaw. Fold closed and arrange on plate with 2 Tbsps. orange sauce portioned in a ramekin.

Photo and Recipe: Tyson Foods

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