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Mango Avocado Chicken Ciabatta

Mango Avocado Chicken Ciabatta


Mango Salsa:
1¾ tsps.
fresh orange juice
1 tsp.
fresh lime juice
½ tsp.
red wine vinegar
1 tsp.
chopped fresh mint
1 Tbsp. thinly sliced scallions
⅛ tsp.
⅛ tsp. brown sugar
1 lb. 2 oz.
fresh mango, peeled, diced ½-inch
2 oz.
red bell peppers, cleaned, diced ½-inch

12 Ciabatta rolls, split
green lettuce leaves
BBQ chicken breasts, bias cut (about 3.5 oz. cooked)
24 Tbsps.
mango salsa
36 slices
avocado (1½ oz.)
12 Tbsps.
BBQ sauce
12 tsps.
chopped cilantro

1. For the salsa: Combine first seven ingredients and mix well. Toss gently with mango and red bell pepper to coat. Reserve chilled.

2. For the sandwiches: Assemble sandwich in the order ingredients are listed, starting with heel of the roll.

Recipe: Chuck Hatfield, director of product development Sodexo Corporate Services. Photo: National Mango Board

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