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Display plates at a recently opened Prince client location
<p>Display plates at a recently opened Prince client location.</p>

FM Top 50 2015: No. 44 Prince Food Systems Inc.

Fiscal 2014 Revenues: $34,000,000

Prince is now offering enhanced technology at new and some currently operated facilities. Digital LED menu displays that integrate with the company’s POS systems and can provide quick stock and weather updates on banners give customers real time information to plan their days. 

Prince also launched virtual storefronts for taking online catering orders and pre-payment. These also allow customers to easily add extras like tablecloths, skirts, special service or even flowers while getting transparency about the over-all cost impact for each item.  One consequence: sales of special request items are up over 30 percent in locations using the new store fronts.
Also adopted is a new approach to sales and marketing in which an in-house sales department takes over the task of working out contract details and pre-vetting each opportunity with accurate data and contacts, all of which leaves the outside sales professionals with more time to focus on their primary task. Prince also recently launched a new corporate website and created all new marketing materials to reflect the improved services.


Prince Food Systems Inc.

Contact Information    
11001 Wilcrest Dr., Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77099
(800) 780-0880


2014: $34
2013: $38
2012: $36

No. of Contracts    
2014: 46
2013: 49

Business Mix:
Dining Operations (90%), Other Services (10%)

Segments Served:
Hospitals (65%), B&I (35%)


George Prince, president

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