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Sorting Through Nature's Bin

Products from the Bin

Barbara's Bakery offers natural and organic cereals and snack foods and has introduced new Puffins Cereal and Milk Bars in four flavors: Blueberry Yogurt, French Toast, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Strawberry Yogurt.

Green & Black's organic chocolate introduces new Raisin & Hazelnut organic chocolate bars.

Annie's Homegrown offers completely natural and organic macaroni and cheese, organic canned and boxed meals, pasta meals and snacks.

Avalon Organic Coffees provides certified organic coffees in more than 40 flavors.

Melissa's/World Variety Produce Inc. offers a variety of organic and exotic fruits and vegetables.

Rudi's Organic Bakery provides a variety of breads made from organic ingredients, including sandwich and artisan breads and hamburger and hot dog buns. New from the company are Low-Carb and Low-Carb Herb breads.

The Fillo Factory offers Aunt Trudy's line of frozen, microwavable single-serve entrÈes and desserts, including Fillo Pocket Sandwiches. All products are organic/ natural, kosher, vegan and/or vegetarian.

Starbucks Coffee Co., U.K., now offers Organic Shade Grown Mexico coffee.

Muir Glen (a division of General Mills), part of Small Planet Foods, offers canned tomatoes, pasta sauces and salsas. New to the line is Organic Plum Tomatoes. Small Planet Foods produces more than 150 organic food items in seven different categories.

Cascadian Farm (a division of General Mills), also part of Small Planet Foods, provides frozen vegetables, frozen fruit, fruit spreads and cereals.

Naked Food-Juice produces organic soy milk and organic vegetable juices. The company now offers Fruit and Soy Smoothies in seven flavors: Berried Treasure, Citrus-Cicle, Organic Carrot, Organic Orange, Peach Me I'm Dreamin', Pomegranaberry-Blue, Pomegranalicious.

Perhaps it's an increasing awareness of the importance of eating healthfully. Maybe it's mistrust of modern food-processing and preservation methods. Or it could be that today's younger, "hipper" consumers are simply looking for more variety.

Whatever the reasons, the natural foods and beverages industry is booming, estimated to be worth $47.5 billion within five years. Driving that surge is the organic segment, which will total $37 billion in sales by 2007, according to Datamonitor, an independent market analysis firm.

It's clear natural products generally—particularly the organic foods segment—have undergone an extraordinary evolution. In the last five years, the industry has changed from what was mainly locally farmed and locally sold produce to all manner of organic, brand-name products, many of them marketed visibly and aggressively in supermarkets and c-stores across the country. Food giants such as Heinz, General Mills and Frito-Lay have joined in—acquiring the capacity to offer everything from organic condiments and all-natural snack foods to readymade, grab-n-go organic entrèes and side dishes.

With so many all-natural and organic goodiesto choose from, it's not surprising that they have done so well among today's environmentally and health-conscious college students. Such products are making inroads in the healthcare, school, and B&I segments as well.

No longer just a niche market, natural and organic products are here to stay. To get a better look at some of the latest offerings, FM recently visited the 23rd annual Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif. The event drew more than 2,500 exhibitors and 36,000 attendees from 86 countries.

While many of these products are not yet readily available through foodservice distribution channels, they are out there. If you see products of this sort fitting into your product mix, let your primary distributor—and your backup suppliers—know you're interested in them. Use the handy circle numbers assigned to each item to request further information using our reader request card. FM


Chocolate Soy Drink
From Odwalla Inc.'s Nutritionals comes Super Protein Chocolate drink. Loaded with soy protein, vitamins B6 and B12, calcium and zinc, it is made with organic soymilk and dairy-and cholesterol-free. Super Protein Chocolate comes in 325-and 450-ml grabngo recyclable plastic bottles. Each bottle is labeled in bright colors with eyecatching graphics.

Low-Carb Soy Snackers
From Snyder's of Hanover comes EatSmart Soy~Teins, an all-natural low-carb soy snack with just 6 grams net carbs and 7 grams of soy protein. The snacks are available in two Mediterranean-influenced flavors: Parmesan and Garlic & Olive Oil, as well as Tomato, Romano & Olive Oil.

Organic Smoothies
Lowfat organic yogurt Smoothies from Stoneyfield Farm come in Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Tropical Fruit and new Wild Berry flavors.The Smoothies are all organic and contain no modified food starch, gelatin, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. Each 10 oz. bottle contains six live cultures, 240 calories and 40% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium, 10 grams of protein and 4 grams of dietary fiber.The Smoothies also contain inulin, a natural dietary fiber said to boost the body's ability to absorb calcium by 20%.

Low-Carb and All-Natural-Frozen Desserts
Turtle Mountain Inc.
introduces Carb Escapes, an all-natural, nondairy frozen dessert. At only 1 gram of net carbs per serving, Carb Escapes have no artificial sweeteners and are available in pints and novelty bars. The company also offers a variety of other non-dairy frozen desserts including Soy Delicious, Organic Soy Delicious, Fruit Sweetened Soy Delicious and fat-free Sweet Nothings desserts in a wide array of flavors.

Un-Meat for the Un-Meateaters
From the makers of the UnTurkey come Barbeque UnRibs, Breast of UnChicken and the UnSteakout. Now & Zen Inc. says its Savory Selections line of meatless products are succulent and flavorful, and can be grilled, fried, sautÈed or stewed, and served in casseroles, soups, salads and sandwiches, or by themselves. All are made primarily from wheat gluten, soy and various spices. Circle 235

Guilt-Free French Fries
New USDA-certified organic Crinkle Cut Oven Fries from Alexia Foods Inc. are cooked without hydrogenated oils so they have no trans fatty acids. The fries come in three flavors: Oven Crinkles with Sea Salt (low sodium at 140 mg/serving), Oven Crinkles Salt & Pepper and Oven Crinkles Onion & Garlic. All three are Kosher Pareve. The organic items have no saturated fat and just 4 grams of fat/3 oz. serving.

Grab it and Go! Low-Carb Nutrition Bars
New Pria Carb Select nutritional snack bars from PowerBar are made especially for those who are monitoring their carbohydrate intake, but still want an on-the-go energy snack. Each triple-layer bar has just 2 grams of impact carbs (those that make a measurable impact on blood sugar) and 170 calories.They're fortified with 10 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals, including calcium, folic acid and vitamins C and E, and provide as much calcium as an 8-oz. glass of milk and more folic acid than an 8 oz. glass of fresh orange juice.Three flavors are available: Peanut Butter Caramel Nut, Caramel Nut Brownie and Cookies n' Caramel. All are coated in chocolate.

Organic Veggie and Cheese Burritos
Organic veggies of all varieties can be found in the Roasted Vegetable and Cheese Burrito from Cedarlane.Wrapped in an organic wheat tortilla, the burrito includes organic black beans, organic basmati rice, organic zucchini, organic green and red pepper, organic potato, organic tomato, onion, green chiles and a blend of spices.

Organic Indian Meals
introduces two new Indian Meals: Mattar Paneer and Palak Paneer. Indian Mattar Paneer blends organic peas and Indian cheese in an authentic delicately spiced sauce over Basmati rice and curried chana masala. Indian Palak Paneer is made from organic spinach and soft Indian cheese and is lightly spiced with authentic Indian herbs and spices. Rajmah dal and basmati rice come on the side. Amy's offers a variety of frozen entrees, pizzas, whole meals, burritos and snack items, as well as a grocery line of canned soups, chili, beans and bottled pasta sauces and salsas. All products are made from organic and natural ingredients, without meat, fish, poultry or eggs and no artificial ingredients.

Nutrition Snacks for Healthy Lifestyles
The Balance Bar Food Co., Rye Brook, N.Y., has introduced two new energy snacks: Balance Carb Well bars and Balance Bar GoMix. Carb Well bars have just 2 grams of net carbohydrates and contain 14 grams of protein and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. The triple-layer bars come in Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Fudge and Caramel 'n Chocolate. GoMix energy snack mix is a blend of fruits, nuts and crisp protein clusters. It provides 11 essential vitamins and minerals and 14 grams of protein. The mix is a low Glycemic Index food.

Hey Kids, Got Organic Orange Cream Milk?
A healthful lunch box alternative to sodas, single-serve organic milk from Horizon Organic now comes in two unique flavors: Orange Cream, a permanent variety, and Caramel, part of a rotating flavor program. These join the already popular milk flavors of Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and 2% Reduced Fat. The 8 oz. portions are packaged in a special aseptic container, complete with a telescopic straw.

Organic Ketchup
Heinz recently expanded its popular condiment line with Heinz Organic Ketchup. Certified USDA organic, it's made from organic vine-ripened tomatoes and other organic and natural ingredients such as organic sugar, spices and onion powder. The ketchup comes in 15-oz plastic squeeze bottles and carries Heinz' classic label, but in green with a green lid.

All-Natural Chips and Dips
Frito-Lay has introduced its firstever snacks made with organic ingredients. The line includes Tostitos Organic Blue Corn and Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips and Tostitos Organic Salsa, Natural Lay's Potato chips with Sea Salt and Country BBQ and Ruffles Reduced Fat Chips, as well as Cheetos Natural White Cheddar Puffs. The Natural snack line is made with organic ingredients that have been certified by the USDA accredited certifying agency Oregon Tilth.

It's Organic Tea Time
A line of certified organic teas from The Republic of Tea offers a variety of blends including Ceylon Breakfast, Dancing Leaves Green, Green Earl Greyer, Honey Lemon Green, Flowering Fruit Herb, Mint Fields Herb Tea and Temple of Health Herb Tea. The teas are grown using only sustainable agricultural methods without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

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