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Flank Steak with Corn and Tomato Relish

Flank Steak with Corn and Tomato Relish

YIELD: 100, 4 oz. servings


3½ #10 cans corn kernels, drained
1½ #10 cans tomato, diced
5 cups roasted red bell peppers, chopped
2½ cups red wine vinegar
1¼ cups extra virgin olive oil
2½ cups green onions or fresh cilantro, chopped


½ cup black pepper ½ cup cumin
2 Tbsps. cloves
5 cups red wine vinegar
5 cups olive oil
1¼ cup thyme, dried
1 cup brown sugar
⅓ cup salt ½ cup garlic
25 lbs. flank steak

1. For the relish: Combine all ingredients until mixed well. Reserve, chilled, for service.

2. For the steak: Combine all ingredients (black pepper-salt) in a blender or food processor until mixed well. Cover steak in spice mixture and marinate for 24 hours.

3. Cook flank steak on rotisserie. Slice thin against the grain. Serve relish on top of thinly sliced flank steak.

Submitted by Lynn Moore, RD, LD, assistant director, Food & Nutrition Services, Emory Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta, GA.

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