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A Taste of UCLA's Bruin Plate

Bruin Plate, the new all-healthy dining hall at UCLA, is known for bold colors and feel-good food that's at least one fifth local and/or sustainable. More than 3,000 meals a day are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the striking thing about looking at each student's plate is the bright colors: whole grains, veggies and lean proteins in amazing combinations throughout seven stations that focus on bowls, salads, flatbreads and more. (Read the menu case study for more on the development of the menu.)

"The guests know something exciting is happening," says Executive Chef Kevin Aiello.

The menu is influenced by all things California: gorgeous fresher-than-fresh produce, Pacific-rim style Asian flavors, and a particular blend of LA cool that's marked by Latin fusion and creative combinations of flavors and ingredients.

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