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Santa Fe Breakfast Bowl

Santa Fe Breakfast Bowl

YIELD: 48 Servings

2 (24.7 oz.) packages taco flavored
pinto beans and brown rice
48 scrambled egg patties, frozen (1 oz. each)
3 lbs. prepared ground turkey taco
filling, cooked
3 qt. green enchilada sauce, canned
3 lbs. tortilla chips, baked (optional)
3 lbs. mozzarella cheese, part skim, shredded

1. Prepare beans and rice according to manufacturer’s directions. Reserve. May be prepared in advance and stored under refrigeration.

2. To build bowl, place 1 egg patty in a bowl; top each egg patty with ½ cup beans and rice mixture (#8 scoop), 1 oz. ground turkey, ¼ cup enchilada sauce, 1 oz. tortilla chips and 1 oz. cheese.

3. Heat in convection oven at 325°F for 15 minutes or microwave until temperature exceeds 165°F.

4. Hold for hot service at 140°F or higher.

Photo and Recipe: Uncle Ben’s

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