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Sandwich of the Month: The Mini Chicken Sandwich

Sandwich of the Month: The Mini Chicken Sandwich

YIELD: 1 sandwich

About 800 of these snack-size sandwiches, priced at $4.99, are sold in the University of Richmond’s Passport Café, and the unique, locally made sauce takes the slider from simple to spectacular.
KimKim sauce, a Korean style hot sauce, is made by a local UR alum. The sweet, spicy flavor “pairs well with the shallot mayo and really elevates the sandwich,” says Karen Kourkoulis, chef/manager of Passport Café.

“It’s been selling like crazy,” she says. The sandwich’s fun size and the bold flavor are the main reasons for its popularity, Kourkoulis reckons. “It’s perfect for snacking between meals,
as our students love to do.”

1 Tbsp. mayonnaise
2 tsps. minced roasted and cooled shallots
1 telera bun or ciabatta roll
Kim Kim (or your favorite hot sauce),     
    to taste
3 oz. grilled chicken breast
1 piece crispy bacon
1 pinch spring mix lettuce
1 slice Muenster cheese
2 slices tomato

1. Combine hot sauce, mayo and minced shallots in a blender and
2. Spread mayo on both sides of bread, top bottom slice with chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Finish with top half of the bun.

Recipe: Karen Kourkoulis, chef/manager of Passport Cafe, University of Richmond

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