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Asian Duck Tacos

Tacos Go Global

Stuffing the famous Mexican street food with Asian flavors.

"People go wild for Korean BBQ tacos. We use chicken, roasted sesame tofu and braised short ribs, on a taco with cucumber kimchi (Korean pickled veggies). We serve them with a Strawberry Fuji Apple and Kumquat Salad and also a Wakame (seaweed) Spinach Radish Salad."
Daniel Wisel, divisional chef, Eurest Dining Services.

“The H3 food truck offers the Thai Beef Taco, which is grilled marinated beef on a flour tortilla topped with sauteed glass noodles and drizzled with wasabi cream. It’s like a noodlebowl and taco fused together with a frangrant, spicy flavor. We slow cook the proteins in our commissary, then assemble fresh on the truck.”
Tom Barton, campus executive chef, Northeasstern University

Deb Jones“Our free lecture series/cooking class at the hospital, World of Grains, featured a chef demonstrating Korean Tacos on injera (an African bread made from teff, an ancient grain)Injera is great for Korean tacos: it sops up all the flavor from the succulent BBQ pulled pork. We did an Asian slaw, too, with Napa cabbage, apple, carrots, scallions and cilantro.”
Deb Jones, RD, LN, director of dining services, St. Peter’s Hospital, Helena, MT 

RECIPE: Asian Duck Tacos

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