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Sandwich of the Month: Pork-N-Rings

Sandwich of the Month: Pork-N-Rings

YIELD: 1 sandwich

This sandwich turned out to be a limited time offer with staying power. Looking for an inventive LTO sandwich at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Center Court that would “make you feel warm like a summer barbecue,” Eddie Rivera, Center Court supervisor, came up with the Pork-n-Rings sandwich.

The sandwich recreates—in layers—the flavors of a good old summer picnic with sweet, sticky BBQ sauce on pulled pork paired with the crunch of coleslaw and the classic onion ring. Manager Mark Wagner helped develop the sandwich, and Eddie Skidmore, marketing manager, came up with the snappy name.

2 slices of Texas toast
2 slices of Cheddar cheese
3 oz. smoked pulled pork, prepared ahead, heated
1.5 oz. your favorite BBQ sauce
2 oz. prepared coleslaw
2 beer-battered jumbo onion rings

1. Grill both pieces of Texas toast
1 minute with 2 slices of cheese on one piece. Top the other piece with hot pulled pork. Top with BBQ sauce (do not mix with pork, use as a topping for more layered flavors).
2. Add coleslaw and place onion rings on top. Place the piece of toast with melted cheese on top. Serve immediately.

Photo and recipe: Sodexo/Illinois Institute of Technology

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