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Easy California Crab Wraps

Easy California Crab Wraps

YIELD: 6 servings

1 lb. crab meat
3 Tbsps. fresh lime juice
⅓ cup
chopped green onions
4 oz. chopped canned green chiles
6 burrito-size flour tortillas
medium avocados, coarsely mashed
1 cup alfalfa sprouts
1 cup shredded lettuce 8 medium cherry tomatoes, sliced

1. Gently mix together crab meat, lime juice, onion and chiles. Reserve.

2. Warm tortillas at medium heat for about 30 seconds. Lay tortillas out on clean work surface. Spread avocado on top of each tortilla. Divide crab mixture, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce and tomatoes evenly among tortillas.

3. Starting at the edge of a filled tortilla, carefully roll up to form a wrap. Repeat with remaining tortillas and reserve chilled. Per order, halve 1 rollup and plate both halves.
Photo and recipe: Phillips Foods, Inc

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