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Salmon Salad Nicoise

Salmon Salad Nicoise

Recipe by Eric Batten, executive chef, North Neighborhood, Michigan State University

YIELD: 10 servings

For dressing:
2 Tbsps., plus ¾ tsp. lemon juice
2 Tbsps., plus ¾ tsp. red wine vinegar
2 Tbsps., plus ¾ tsp. Dijon mustard
1 Tbsp. shallots, minced
1 Tbsp. garlic, chopped
½ cup, plus 3 2/3 Tbsp. olive oil
¾ tsp. sugar
1/8 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. white pepper

For salad:
1 lb., plus 14-oz. salmon filet
1¼ cup Nicoise dressing (recipe follows)
1 lb., plus 14 oz. chopped romaine
10 oz. tomatoes, fresh, diced
1 ¼ cup black olives, sliced
5 oz. fresh green beans, blanched, shocked
12½ oz. red potato quarters, blanched, shocked
5 eggs, hard-boiled, peeled
10 (6-in.) pita bread rounds, quartered

1. For dressing: Combine first five ingredients. Whisk thoroughly; stream in oil. Adjust seasoning with sugar, salt and white pepper. Reserve in cooler.
2. Skin and portion salmon into 3-oz. portions. Grill or pan-sear until cooked through. Set aside.
3. For service: Grill pita bread on both sides. Assemble each plate: 3 oz. romaine, 1 oz. tomato, 2 Tbsps. olives, ½ oz. green beans, 1 ¼ oz. eggs, 3-oz. piece of salmon. Drizzle with 1 oz. dressing. Serve immediately with piece of pita bread.

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