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Spicy Alaska Pollock Sandwich

Spicy Alaska Pollock Sandwich

YIELD: 1 serving

1 whole wheat hamburger bun
1 Tbps. sriracha yogurt (recipe follows)
1 unbreaded, frozen pollock portion, cooked
¼ cup spicy pineapple slaw (recipe follows)

1. Spread bun with sriracha yogurt. Add pollock and top with ¼ cup slaw.

For the Spicy Pineapple Slaw: Combine ¼ cup lime juice, 2 Tbsps. sugar, 1 Tbsp. sriracha, ¼ tsp. ground ginger in a large bowl and stir until sugar is dissolved. Add 1 lb. shredded cabbage, ½ cup pineapple tidbits, ¼ cup chopped cilantro and 1 tsp. sesame seeds and toss to combine.

Photo and recipe: Sodexo/Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

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