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Eric Eisenberg on being more than just a dining director at a senior living facility

The chef and longtime healthcare operator talks about the operational changes made during coronavirus at Rogue Valley Manor.

Eric Eisenberg has always been the voice of the healthcare food service industry. He’s the go-to emcee for association culinary competitions and he’s been a huge proponent of the value of quality food in hospitals.

After years in hospitals, Eric made the move to senior dining in 2018, and is now the director of dining services at Rogue Valley Manor in Medford, Ore.

Eric_Eisenberg_5x7.jpgThat transition allowed Eric to do something he wanted: “I really was feeling disconnected from the end user in my previous work… Initially, when I got here, and I still do, really enjoy the connection I have to my residents. I have 1,000 people who live here, and I know many of them on a personal level. I would say this experience has brought us so much closer. I’m so much more than just a dining director here.”

In fact, as Eric and I sat down to chat, he fielded a call from a resident who needed a maintenance request.

Eric and I chatted about how his team has been able to maintain service to residents, while keeping safe, with the ultimate goal of always providing hospitality to his residents. Here’s Eric’s story.

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