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Power Players

FM’s 2021 Senior Dining Power Players emerge from the pandemic

FM’s 2021 Senior Dining Power Players is designed to provide FM readers a review of the 25 largest single-site senior living communities in the country. Like the other market segments featured in FM’s Power Players series for K-12 Schools, colleges and hospitals, the senior dining operators are dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit its elderly customer demographic hardest of all. Nevertheless, the senior community operators listed here as well as most of the rest of the industry met the challenge with adjusted operations that continued to provide healthful, appealing meals in safe, convenient ways to residents.

Once vaccines started becoming available and senior populations began getting inoculated en masse, communities over this past year began a slow return to more normal operation, subject of course to local and state policies. That return to normal operation includes the reopening—sometimes in modified form—of communal dining outlets such as cafes, coffee shops, bistros, dining rooms and casual and formal restaurants located on the premises, which is the focus of the brief narratives accompanying each of the profiles.

The 2021 Senior Dining Power Players and individual unit data are taken from the 2021 LeadingAge/Ziegler 200 list of the Nation’s 150 Largest Not-for-Profit Senior Living Communities (registration required to access). Individual community profiles and data on dining outlets was compiled by FM.


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