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Silver Plate Awards

The Silver Platers' Playbook

The onsite dining segments are well represented by four of their most accomplished operators in this year’s competition.

The requirement of operating a successful dining program varies from segment to segment, but the common denominators are simple, direct and maddeningly difficult to achieve consistently: do right by your customers, your staff and your administration.

What sets an IFMA Silver Plate winner apart is not only having achieved this difficult but necessary trifecta, but having achieved it over the long haul. Jay Silverstein, Ken Toong, Julia Bauscher and Angelo Mojica have all had positive, extended influence over their respective operations through their innovative thinking, their fiscal integrity and their passion for the culinary arts and for satisfying the customers they serve.

On the following pages, you will meet these four exemplary directors who have made dining at Credit Suisse, the University of Massachusetts, Jefferson County Schools and University of North Carolina Health Care such a pleasure:

Jay SilversteinJay Silverstein, Vice President of Conference & Dining Services at Credit Suisse



 Ken ToongKen Toong, Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises at University of Massachusetts at Amherst



Julia BauscherJulia Bauscher, Director of School & Community Nutrition Services at Jefferson County Public Schools


Angelo MojicaAngelo Mojica, Director of Food & Nutrition Services at UNC Health Care

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