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Snacking Gains Popularity

Healthful snacking is becoming an accepted habit, NPD says.

New research by the NPD Group reveals that one out of five eating “occasions” is now a snack and that more consumers now view snacking as one way to improve healthy eating habits. In fact, consumers who follow the most healthful diets snack twice as often as those with less healthful diets, the research organization says.

NPD’s 2012 edition of its report, Snacking in America continues the group's ongoing examination of the snacking phenomenon in the U.S. It examines long-term attitudes and behaviors about snacking as well as snack selection drivers. For example, time of day has a significant impact on top choices, the report says, with fresh fruit by the far the top morning snack and candy bars the top afternoon and evening snack. Another finding: morning snack occasions now exceed afternoon snack occasions.

For a free excerpt of the report (and some additional charts of its findings,) go here.

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