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The 10 Most Interesting Ballpark Eats of 2014

Giant grilled cheese, wild hot dogs and more are on the roster for foodie baseball fans this year.

The action in the concession stands just might be more exciting than what’s happening on the baseball field this spring. Menu options from stadium foodservice teams across the country give a whole new meaning to “stepping up to the plate.”

Menu lineups include something for every foodie fan. From a four-decker grilled cheese to pastrami on a pretzel bun to a poutine hot dog to a concoction known simply as ‘Tatchos,’ these new items are poised to knock some tastebuds clear out of the park.

This baseball season is shaping up to be the most exciting yet, foodwise at least, with an ‘anything goes’ attitude showing up everywhere in regards to nachos, hot dogs, sandwiches, barbecue and a few very big additions.

Fans can wash down treats like a two-foot-long Korean sandwich or a Doritos bag full of brisket with new drinks, too, such as a salty caramel milkshake while taking in a Pirates game in Pittsburgh or a frozen beer while cheering for the Texas Rangers.

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