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James Pijewski fell in love with senior dining at one of his very first jobs and has been putting his creativity as a chef into serving seniors ever since.

Stories from the front lines: Bringing a Miami sandwich to Massachusetts seniors

Chef-manager James Pijewski creates classic Cuban sandwich, develops menus that nourish senior residents at Youville Place Assisted Living

The classic combination of the elements of a Cubano sandwich—roasted ham, melty swiss, smoky pulled pork, spicy mustard and crunchy baguette—it’s an icon in the sandwich world, and Chef-Manager James Pijewski brought the Cubano to the senior residents at Youville Place Assisted Living in Lexington, Mass.

We discovered Pijewski and his sandwich through Food Management’s Best Sandwich contest. This year, pork sandwiches were a highlight of the competition.

Pijewski tells us how he got into senior dining and why he’s never looked back, and also how they’ve been coping with COVID in his area. We discuss menu development, regional cuisine, global eats, fresh seasonal farm-to-table food and comfort food vs. keeping things interesting in a senior dining setting. During our conversation, this creative-minded chef lets us know he’s been looking forward to a new year in which he can discover food trends he’s never heard of before. Us too!

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