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Lyons Magnus Acquires Maui Beverages

Companies have had a 15 year relationship in jointly marketing Maui Beverages to the foodservice market.

Lyons Magnus has acquired Maui Beverages from Thirsty Ventures, Inc.. The deal includes the Maui Beverages trademark and Maui Beverages customer list that purchased products directly from Thirsty Ventures, Inc. Lyons Magnus and Maui Beverages have had a 15 year relationship in jointly marketing Maui Beverages to the foodservice market. Terms of the transaction are confidential.

“We are extremely excited about this acquisition as the Maui Beverage products are manufactured with our expertise in growing, acquiring, handling, and processing of fruit products that make up the excellent quality of the Maui Beverage products," says President/COO Kent Walrack. "This acquisition is a natural transition from the prior licensing arrangement that we have had with Maui Beverages over the past 15 years. We are excited to continue to offer these quality oriented products to our mutual customers and consumers who enjoy these impressive products.”

“Maui Beverages has enjoyed a strong co-marketing relationship with Lyons Magnus during the past 15 years," adds Maui Beverages President Mark Mahoney. "We have benefited from Lyons Magnus’ vertical integration, purchasing and manufacturing scale in producing the Maui Beverage products. We have focused on building the Maui Brand name into a leading brand for ice blended beverages for the foodservice market. We are excited about the future business prospects with Lyons Magnus owning this brand. Their portfolio of foodservice products complements the Maui Beverage products that will create additional value for our customers.”

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