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Oneida, Anchor Hocking to Merge

EveryWare Global Inc. Announces Merger of Housewares Industry Leaders Oneida Ltd. and Anchor Hocking

EveryWare Global, Inc., has announced the formation of a global company featuring a portfolio of leading brands focused on the foodservice supply and consumer tabletop industries with Anchor Hocking and Oneida as cornerstones of its offering.

"Our product designs will focus on innovative consumer and foodservice solutions following a ‘good, better, best’ strategy, enabling our complete portfolio of multi-tiered brands to differentiate by channel and product placement,” says EveryWare CEO John Sheppard. "We believe we have attractive growth opportunities in nearly all areas of our business and are actively pursuing both geographic and product line expansion."

The Company’s multi-pronged international go-to-market strategy includes a combination of company-owned and managed operations in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, augmented by joint venture partners, brand license partners, and exclusive distribution arrangements located throughout the world.

The integration of the separate companies’ North American operations is nearly complete, with unified sales forces, customer service, supply chain, product marketing, distribution and back office operations.

“Our objective in combining the Anchor and Oneida operations was to create the most nimble and customer responsive company in the industry" says Sheppard. "Our continuous improvement initiatives strive to streamline and simplify the customer experience in order to realize our goal of becoming the easiest supplier to do business with.”

The new company will continue to build on the high quality product ranges offered by both Anchor Hocking and Oneida.

“Our focus will be on enhancing the dining and food preparation experience,” says EveryWare Chief Marketing Officer Jaci Volles. "By combining forces, we better understand our customers’ tabletop needs, offering products for customers of all budgets. Brand Identity for Anchor Hocking and Oneida will remain distinct and be part of a larger hierarchical brand vision that will define EveryWare as a global market leader."

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