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Meet the 2023 FM Top 50 companies

The 2023 edition of the Food Management Top 50 Contract Management Companies lists the 50 largest firms by 2022 revenue that operate dining, catering and other food-related services for clients in venues like schools, colleges, hospitals, senior living facilities, businesses and sports and entertainment venues.

Food Management’s 2023 Top 50 Contract Management Companies tabulates the 50 largest firms by 2022 revenue operating dining, catering and other food-related services for clients in fields ranging from schools, colleges, hospitals and senior living facilities to workplaces, sports and entertainment venues, corrections facilities and parks/recreation centers. Each company is ranked by top-line North American revenues for fiscal or calendar year 2022. All figures are self-reported, unless noted with an (e), which designates an FM estimate derived from research and analysis, including published reports and previously submitted company data, when available.

It should be noted that while the goal of the Top 50 is to provide the most accurate comparison of the largest foodservice contractors, it does not necessarily reflect each firm’s relative presence in a particular segment or market. Also, some companies—particularly the top three—do some of their business in areas other than foodservice, something we have tried to note in the listings under “Business Mix” where available.

As the foodservice contract industry recovers from the business disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have included historical revenue data from previous Top 50 listings where available to indicate how each firm was affected in its top-line numbers by the crisis, what their pre-pandemic historical norm was and how they are recently returning to those numbers.

In addition, we asked each firm to provide a summary of recent business initiatives and operational changes they’ve been making. These are presented in edited form as part of each entry that submitted a response.

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