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Six 2022 FM Top 50 companies to watch

Here are half a dozen 2022 FM Top 50 companies to keep an eye on as they position themselves for a post-pandemic operating environment.

With the COVID pandemic and its various offshoots hopefully receding, the contract foodservice industry looks to return to some form of normal operating procedure (and profitability) following the financial devastation brought on by closures, restrictions, customer hesitancy and other aftereffects of the crisis. Of course, how normal that “normal” will be remains to be seen given the long-term effects of the past two years’ experience in areas like the expansion remote and hybrid work schedules and the growth of telehealth services and online classes, all of which threaten to reduce available customers for traditional onsite dining services.

Encouragingly, however, the industry does seem to be getting back on its feet. While only nine Top 50 companies posted revenue gains in 2020 —which in itself seems remarkable given the conditions that year—three times that many saw increases in 2021, with nine alone posting growth rates of at least 20%.

In the following gallery, we list six firms that we are keeping an eye on in 2022 as kind of bellwethers for the industry as a whole.

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