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FM Top 50 2015: No. 14 Unidine Corp.

Unidine markets its focus on fresh preparation and quality ingredients across its business lines.

Fiscal 2014 Revenues: $249,000,000

Unidine’s revenue growth of 26 percent in the past year was fed in part by an expanded presence in the government and education sectors thanks to its recent acquisition of FAME Food Management. The company now operates Healthcare, Senior Living and Corporate Culinary Groups in addition to its FAME Culinary Group.

To support this business structure, corporate leadership was realigned with Steve Servant named president of the Senior Living Culinary Group and Larry Abrams president of the Healthcare, Corporate and FAME Culinary Groups. The past year also saw the launch of the MyDine in-room dining program for healthcare that combines a real-time touch-screen dining management system with the personalized attention of dedicated guest service representatives for a single point of contact between the kitchen, dietitians, nursing staff and the patient.

In 2014 Unidine also introduced Fresh Bites, finger foods that hold their form and can be eaten easily without cutlery, to address the needs of patients and senior living residents with dementia, and the Fresh BRU coffee/tea program, which offers coffee service refreshed each hour and placed in easily accessible locations.



Unidine Corp.

Contact Information    
1000 Washington St., Suite 510, Boston, MA 02118
(877) 864-3463


2014: $249
2013: $197
2012: $166

No. of Contracts    
2014: 190
2013: 170

Business Mix:
Dining Operations (98%), Office Coffee (1%), Retail/Convenience Stores (1%)

Segments Served:
Senior Dining (56%), Hospitals (29%), B&I (10%), Government (3%), College/University (2%)


Richard Schenkel, president/CEO

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