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Vegetable Frittata Omelet with Fruit

Vegetable Frittata Omelet with Fruit


For frittata:

vegetable oil spray, as needed
1 gallon 2 cups eggs, cholesterol free, pasteurized
12 oz. onions, diced ¼"
12 oz. red peppers, diced ¼"
2 lbs. 4 oz. mushrooms, sliced
12 oz. plum tomatoes, diced ¼"
4 Tbsps. ⅛ tsp. parsley, fresh, chopped
24 small fruit cup portions

For fruit salad:
2 lbs. 4 oz. cantaloupe, diced 1"
2 lbs. 4 oz. honeydew, diced 1"
2 lbs. 4 oz. watermelon, diced 1"
2 lbs. 4 oz. red seedless grapes

1. For fruit salad: Wash all fruit, peel and deseed melons. Dice melons into 1" cubes. Combine all fruit and portion into 9 oz. cups with lids. Hold refrigerated at 40°F or below until ready to use, or up to 72 hours.

2. For fritatta: Hold eggs refrigerated at internal temp of 40°F or below or on ice at all times for use.

3. In an 8" saute pan, spray pan with non-stick cooking spray; heat to medium.

4. Add onions, peppers and mushrooms and saute 1 to 2 minutes.

5. Add tomatoes, parsley; saute 1 minute more.

6. In a separate 8" saute pan, spray pan with non-stick cooking spray, heat to medium, add 6 oz. ladle of egg. Heat slowly, lifting edge of omelet with a high-temperature rubber spatula. Tilt pan to allow liquid egg to contact pan. When eggs are cooked halfway, evenly distribute about 3½ oz. cooked vegetable mixture over top of eggs.

7. Finish cooking until eggs are set, approximately 1 to 2 more minutes. Minimum temperature should be at least 145°F. Serve immediately.

8. Place omelet, open face, onto plate. Serve with a 9 oz. serving of fruit salad.

Photo and recipe: Sodexo

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